Hire us to perform all your syadmin tasks

We can handle server installations, configurations, architectures, deployments, one-off sysadmin jobs, site migrations and more — literally dozens of technologies to solve almost any infrastructure problem you may encounter.

  • Site migrations without downtime
  • Server setup & configuration
  • Website audit and optimization
Why do you need


Avoid downtime

Let our team monitor your Linux server, avoid downtime and get things resolved even when you don’t realize there was a problem.

Unlimited Support

We do not limit your tickets or support cases, ask as many questions and open as many tickets as you need, we are always here to help

Improve Security

We will install a system firewall, application firewalls, intrusion detection systems, hardening Apache, Nginx, MySQL and PHP to keep your server secure.

Better Performance

We analyze and monitor your server to identify any kind of issues with speed and bottlenecks in drives, network uplinks, cpu or ram memory.

Server Management

pricing plan

Server Management

$ 25 /mo
  • Unlimited Support Tickets
  • Live Chat Support
  • 24x7 Monitoring & Reaction
  • Backup Configuration
  • Malware/Virus Clean Up
  • Server Optimization


$ 75
  • Web Server Setup
  • Configuration & Optimization
  • Support available
  • Backup configuration
  • Automated Updates
  • FTP, DNS, Mail, Antispam


$ 149
  • Backup & Migration
  • No Downtime
  • No Data Loss
  • 48 hours delivery
  • Support after migration
  • WordPress/Magento/Prestashop

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