Client Area

 Client Area

Contributions & Free Services

Because we use several Open-Source software to manage our servers, but also to build our websites,
we try to contribute as much as possible to Open-Source projects.

Our contributions :

  • nginx-ee : Bash script to compile the latest nginx release from source with additonal modules with EasyEngine
  • plesk-nginx : Bash script to compile nginx from source with additional modules for Plesk Onyx
  • ee-acme-sh : Bash script to install Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates automatically using with EasyEngine
  • ubuntu-nginx-web-server : EasyEngine optimized configurations on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
  • easyengine-dashboard : A clean bootstrap dashboard for EasyEngine backend
  • img-optimize : Bash script to optimize PNG/JPG images and convert them in WebP

Our free hosted services  :