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Since 2011, VirtuBox offers hosting solutions based on virtual servers as well as outsourcing services.

Our areas of expertise are the design, deployment and optimization of infrastructures for web hosting. We carry out our services on our own infrastructure as well as on third party hosts.

All our hosting offers include our maintenance and outsourcing services, to ensure the availability of your applications and their security. Our infrastructure consists of dedicated servers hosted in France in several OVH datacenters and cloud instances hosted in Germany from Hetzner.

This allows us today to offer stable and efficient hosting services, benefiting from an excellent bandwidth and Anti-DDoS protection.

We handle the configuration of our servers with the command-line tool we sponsor and develop WordOps (forked from EasyEngine)  as well as with Plesk Onyx management panel, depending on your needs. For high-traffic sites, we mostly use WordOps because it’s a lightweight, powerful and highly customizable solution to deploy sites with Nginx. Otherwise we use Plesk, allowing you to benefit from an intuitive web interface to manage your sites, domains and emails.

Since March 2017, we are listed in the EasyEngine Experts directory.

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