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We provide you an hosting platform but also a service and that’s why we take the time to understand the needs of each customer. Because we are a small hosting company, we have the ability to talk with our customers and to help them when they need help.

Stable and Reliable

We are aware a downtime with your server could have an impact on your business. That’s why we provide you a fully managed hosting solution and we do our best everyday to keep your server up.


You will not loose your time again by calling several times an online support. Any member of our staff is able to answer to a technical problem and to fix an issue with your server quickly


You need more informations to understand how to launch your business online ? We are working with several companies and it will be a pleasure to give you all informations you need


Don’t choose us for our prices, but because we have answer to all your questions before your purchase and we have done all the sysadmin job to provide you a server running fast and secured.




If you are not sure about choosing the best hosting solution for your needs, contact us using the live chat or by opening a ticket. We will be able to give you some advices to choose the right server.


Yes, there is not limit on the traffic and the network speed is guaranteed. But this don’t include Streaming Hosting, FileHosting or Tor. Any abusive usage will not be accepted.


Our average delivery time is around 6 hours, because the most part of our system is automated, but the configuration with your domain and the check up is done manually to deliver a VPS properly configured.


Most of Hosting Providers are using the word “Managed” to tell you there is a control panel with the VPS. But for us that also mean setup the VPS, check the configuration and provide you maintenance services and support without hidden fees.



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